Comic for Tuesday , April 16 , 2002:
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April 15, 2002

Sorry I haven't been updating since spring break ended, but it just stopped. I don't know why. But I promice it will resume TOMORROW! In the meantime, I will provide words of windom. Firstly, When you go to the bathroom, always check to make sure that the toilet is filled with water, and not acid, because if you fall in, and it's full of acid, you're gonna get burned, and you'll have difficulty going to the bathroom afterwards. More wisdom, when you're crossing the street, be sure to look not only both ways, but up. Because if large rocks are falling on the street, you'll be glad you looked up before walking under them. Live better and fuller lives thanks to my advice. Thank you. I'd just like to say... CRAZY!

March 22, 2002

Hey hey! Spring break is here, and with it, I don't have access to my computer anymore! So I'm without my nice shiny high end graphics programs. Because of this, Spring break week is now officially Paint week! Yes, Microsoft Paint. I hope you guys don't mind the break from the normal storyline, not like I actually have any readers (prove me wrong, e-mail me!) that would care. Well anyway, I'll be back on track either April 1st or 2nd, when I get back to Binghamton. So for now you'll see very few colors and lots of aliasing. Ugh. Enjoy!

March 11, 2002

Alright! SMACK is really going now! I've been revamping the webpage slowly, as some of you have noticed. I've added a page of link buttons, a page of positive comments (the page of honor), and a page of negative comments (the page of shame). If you send me an e-mail you're guaranteed to get on one of those pages (whichever's appropriate, of course)! I took whatever comments I could find, along with the 1 e-mail I've ever gotten and put them up. So send me more comments! Also, I think I'm gonna try out an actual storyline, see if it works for me. Clearly, feedback would be appreciated! Haha think I've mentioned it enough? Alright, peace my h0m1e5!

February 23, 2002

Hey out there, good readership gains! All you new folks should send me e-mail or post in the new forum! That's right! I now have a keenspace forum! Woo hoo! Keep on readin'! Hope you're enjoying these guest issues!

February 22, 2002

Alright! SMACK is up and running! Woo hoo! Let's see... over 2 weels of straight fresh SMACK goodness! I've decided that when I get guest comics (of which I've gotten 3 so far, and I'm expecting one from Reiser, of THWACK fame) they will go up on weekends. If I don't have guests, then weekends will also be filled with standard SMACKyness. This means that I welcome all guest issues! Oh, and you guys should all read my LiveJournal, assuming you don't already. Alright you guys, I want more e-mail! I've gotten one (thanks again Brian!). Oh, and since I want some hits, I figure I'll put some top search string words in here: yahoo, hotmail, lyrics, jokes, ebay, maps, games, warez, mp3, cracks, donkeys, spiffy, sideshow bob's cavalcade of whimsy. Oh got off track there. Alright people, peace. Hey nice, someone on TV just said "Yo this is smack?" Heh that rocks. It was the ladies man too, in some movie about a basketball player named the goat. Damn HBO is sucking away my sleep. A'ight, piz-eace.

November 12, 2001

God, I thought the last time was a long time without comics, but this time beats it all. Geez, how many months was that? Well anyway it's 1:30am and I felt like making some SMACK finally. Anyway, I'm in college now, so I have a lot of free time. Hopefully I'll be able to put up SMACK daily from now on. If not, I'll try to at least make a few a week. Any e-mail I get would seriously help me get encouraged to make more, even if I know you! Thanks and goodnight.

July 1, 2001

Wow I'm a lazy guy... sorry for so long without new comics, but I've had writer's block! I still have it, so I'd appreciate any suggestions! I'm desperate! E-mail me any suggestions! In the interval, I will be putting up an old comic I did entitled "Fet: The Comic". I did it freshman year of High School (If my memory serves me right). It's Black and white, so you'll have to deal with that. And it's my authentic drawings! Hooray! Anyway, it's star is a character named "Fet" which is the nickname of a kid in my grade from junior high through high school. His name is Jeffery Cheung! I'm sure he'll never read this (probably). Anyway, this should last a few weeks, so enjoy! And send me ideas! Hey why are you reading this old news post? Anyway here's some search string thingys: porn nude gay sex tickling cock bondage morgage sadism masochism s&m fellatio bestiality pedophelia lawyer stock quotes free gallery naked celebrity anime manga pr0n hentai sluggy freelance harry potter pokemon power rangers ninja turtles pikachu necrophelia fecophelia hey micky you so fine you so fine you blow my mind. There, hopefully that should get me some intersting searches.

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